Bumbo buzz: is it the seat or the parents?


I’ll be the first to admit I’m not a perfect parent, I put my baby in one of these seats on a counter. After I did it, I realized the danger. Who hasn’t done something unsafe in a sleep deprived stupor?

Now, some are saying Bumbo baby seats shouldn’t be sold at all after babies were hurt, even when the seats were on the ground.

“They will arch their backs and put their feet on the floor to pop themselves out of the chair, and then they can flip over the side, that’s the safety issue right there,” says daycare provider Lynnette Brady. Brady says when she uses the Bumbo seats, they are always placed on the floor and she stays within close reach of the baby. That way, if the child tries to buck themselves out, she can quickly intervene.

The Consumer Product Safety Commission and Bumbo International say they are aware of nearly 100 incidents of kids falling out of the seats, often resulting in skull fractures. The CPSC says part of the problem is that the seats are used on unsafe surfaces, like in the tub on on top of a table or counter. “The child leans one way or the other or bounces around too much and all of a sudden the child is head first on the floor,” says Jan Hummel, with Safe Kids Adams County.

The bottom line from the experts is this: read the warnings on the product and always supervise your child.

What do you think?


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