Breaking Bad Action Figures For Kids: Is This a Good Idea?


A major toy retailer is marketing Breaking Bad Action figures to children. Tonight I was browsing through Transformers and right next to Optimus Prime wasHeisenberg and Jesse Pinkman. The two stars of Breaking Bad. The TV show about making and selling meth. This alone was shocking to me, as a mother of two boys.

However, my youngest son asked, “What do these guys do?” I immediately thought, “They make meth,” but I can’t say that to a little kid. I wasn’t sure how to answer that. They aren’t super heroes or cars that turn into robots. They are law breakers.

I don’t think these action figures should be sold next to kids’ toys. These aren’t toys any parent I know would buy for their children. This toy retailer does a good job monitoring who buys video games and they are sold in their own area. These toys should be taken off the shelves and put in a grown up section or sold only on the website. Moms have enough to deal with without explaining who Jesse and Heisenberg are or what meth is. This toy store should keep their toy aisles kid-friendly and keep the lawbreaking, antiheroes out.


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