Boys Now Growing Up Faster


Have you noticed boys seem to be growing up faster? A new study found that boys are reaching sexual maturity earlier. They based it on the a peak in boy’s life, called the “accident hump.” It is the time when a boy’s testosterone reaches a high point in production. “With high testosterone, young men are more likely to engage in risky shows of machismo and recklessness, increasing their death rate noticeably.”

They found that boys began reaching maturity around 18-19 in the 1700’s and in this century boys are hitting their peaks around 13-years-old. There are problems with kids maturing faster, but there are some positives, too. The most obvious is sexual maturity. Girls getting their preiods sooner and boys becoming more interested in sex, earlier. However, men and women are marrying later in life, choosing to have children later in life and boys, especially, are choosing careers later than previous generations.

Does this concern you? Do you have children who showed signs of maturity earlier?


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