Boy Birthday Themes


Boy Theme Ideas
(Note – These ideas are all gender neutral and can be used for either a girl or boy)

This very simple theme can be put in motion with many items found around the home or bought at any hardware store.

  • Color Scheme – Yellow, Orange and Black.
  • Food Ideas – Mud dessert, Cake “Dirt” Pops, Nuts & Bottles Chex Mix, Reese’s Pieces Pebbles
  • Game Ideas – A Construction Cone Ring Toss
  • Décor Ideas – Caution Tape, Homemade Construction Signs, Plastic Hardhats, Plastic Buckets, any Construction Toys

Disney Cars
One of the most popular Disney scripts, this movie makes for a fast paced exciting theme.

  • Color Scheme – Black, White & Red
  • Food Ideas – Stop Light Rice Krispie Treats, Fillmore’s Motor Oil Punch, Dinoco’s Chocolate Dipped Pretzel Oil Sticks, Luigi’s Donut Tires, Mater’s Licorice Tow Ropes
  • Game Idea – Bean Bag Tire Toss, Inflatable Tire Obstacle Course
  • Décor Ideas – Trophies, Orange Cones, Checkered Flags, Pit Passes, Toy Race Cars, any Car Products (keep out of reach of children)

Arrggghhh Mattie! Any little boy loves to put their imagination to test on the high seas with this theme.

  • Color Scheme – Red, Gold, Black & White
  • Food Ideas – Sea Water Blue KoolAid, Pirate’s Cheddar Cheese Gold Cubes, Seaweed Tortilla Wraps, Black Olive Cannon Balls, Pirate Fruit Jewels
  • Game Idea – Pirate Treasure Dig
  • Décor Ideas – Cooler Treasure Chest, Eye Patches, Jewels, Pirate Flags, Treasure Maps, Gold Coins, Netting, Swords

Go one-on-one with your little athlete and his friends with this mutli-sport theme.

  • Color Scheme – Brown, Orange, Red, & Green
  • Food Ideas (Tailgate Type Foods) – Sports Shaped Cookies, Pigs N’ a Blanket, Popcorn, Peanuts, Nachos, Gatorade, Cracker Jacks
  • Game Ideas – Baseball Throw, Free Throw Contest, Football Punt
  • Décor Ideas – Homemade Pendants, Jerseys, Sports Equipment,

Super Hero
You may not be able to save the world but you can save your kiddo’s birthday with this fun interactive theme. Make sure everyone comes as their favorite super hero!

  • Color Scheme – Yellow, Red, & Blue
  • Food Ideas – Power Dip with Carrots, Invisible Water, Layered Jello Cups, Kryptonite Krispie Treats, POW Popcorn, Super Hero Fuel Punch
  • Game Idea – Splash the Villain Water Balloon Toss
  • Décor Ideas – Homemade Signs, Capes, Super Hero Masks, Villain Pictures, a City Scape, Large Letters


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