Beware of HCG Diet Says Healthcare Experts


There is a new fad diet, the HCG diet, that claims you can lose 40 pounds in 40 days. It has an extremely restrictive diet of 500 calories a day, with only specific foods. The main part of the diet is HCG injections or drops. The injections are only available through doctors and they closely monitor your health and diet. However, if you buy the drops online or through a retailer you may be getting a product that is below par and not entirely what you pay for.

Most of the drops cost from $50 up to $200 and most of the bottles tested only carried trace elements of hcg. Medical Director of The Broadway Clinic in Tulsa, Oklahoma, Dr. J. Arden Blough, said most of the bottles of drops and many injections are from third world countries so buyers should be careful. He also stated that “Yes, there’s HCG in it, but it is so dilute that the amount of HCG actually there is not therapeutic, so the reason they’re losing weight on the homeopathic is because they’re on the 500 calorie diet.”

The HCG diet when done right is very closely monitored and doctors said being on a 500 calorie diet is very risky. Health experts said the best way to shed the pounds is to eat healthy and exercise.

I know a few people who have done this diet and lost weight. However, they have to continue a limited diet in order to maintain and they periodically go back on the 500 calorie diet and drops. Have you done the HCG diet? Have you found success in this or other “fad” diets?

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