Best Birthday Party Ideas


Everybody bangs their head trying to figure out what to do about birthdays. We’ve compiled a list of party ideas that are sure to please and won’t break the bank.

Birthday Party Ideas For Toddlers (Ages 6 & under)

  • “Balls/Sports” Themes are lots of fun. A kiddie pool full of colorful balls will provides lots of entertainment for toddlers. Bowling is always fun. You can use balls you already have and milk jugs or large cups as pins. Cupcakes with icing decorations that look like various balls. Treats can be colored balls. Decorating is easy and this a great at home party.

For Elementary School Kids

  • Location based parties are popular. For a list of our top ten birthday locations in Colorado Springs click here.
  • Lego Parties are lots of fun and sure to bring out the creativity in your guests. Click here for lego party tips.
  • Spa Parties are a big win with girls. Who doesn’t love being pampered and eating cake? Treat your birthday girl and her friends to manicures and pedicures.


  • This is one of our favorite options. Bubba’s Game Room brings the party to you and everyone is sure to have fun. They can do the cake, they bring TVs, video games & even treat bags (for younger kids). They have video games for all ages and both boys and girls. Click here for more about Bubba’s Game Room.
  • A scavenger hunt is always fun and we loved the “Mall Mission” theme. Click here for free printables and tips on making this party a success!


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