Benefits of Regular Exercise


We all know exercise is good for our waistline, but did you know there are many other things exercise does for us?

  • Daily exercise increases your mood! It releases endorphins that make you happier and more relaxed. Regular exercise can keep depression away.
  • Daily exercise helps prevent and manage heart disease, osteoporosis, and other diseases. It can help eliminate Type-2 Diabetes and bad cholesterol.
  • Daily exercise, in the morning or early afternoon, can actually help you sleep better. It gives your body a reason to sleep better and deeper.
  • Daily exercise can lead to enhanced arousal for women. Women who exercise feel better about themselves and their body and enjoy sex more.
  • Daily exercise reduces the risk of most types of cancers. Daily exercise decreases the risk of breast cancer by 60%. The American Cancer Society says; “Evidence suggests that one third of the 550,000 cancer deaths that occur in the United States each year are due to unhealthy diet and insufficient physical activity.”
If you haven’t been exercising, now is a great time to start. Check out one of our awesome sponsors, Gold’s Gym. They have great classes and childcare! What’s stopping you?


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