Beautiful and Budget Friendly Bathroom Renovations


Renovating a room in your home can be a large task that might seem pricey. However, there are a wealth of bathroom renovation ideas that can be budget friendly, quick and easy to do, and can still produce a dramatic change. These renovations can range from small swaps, such as changing your shower curtains to larger changes such as laying down new tiling.

Choose a Theme

Before you begin renovating your bathroom, you want to determine a theme. A theme can, but does not have to, adhere to a particular specification such as a beach theme or a royal theme. Alternatively, themes can also be based around color schemes or a certain pattern that you like. You can find inspiration in the breathtaking views of the Denver snow capped mountains or the changing fall leaves of Colorado State Park. Whichever you decide to go with, you want to follow that theme and embrace it in every part of your renovations to produce a cohesive end result.

Accent Walls

A small and inexpensive change that can improve the entire look of your bathroom is an accent wall. When thinking of painting a wall, the thought of the living room or bedroom usually comes to mind while wall paper is usually reserved for the bathroom. However, there is no reason that you can’t add a new coat of paint in a color that you love. You can choose to paint your entire bathroom or just one wall. If you decide to paint an accent wall, consider going with a pattern like chevron or stripes. You can go to to find easy-to-follow instructions on how to paint the perfect chevron pattern. Also, consider a bright color to add life to your space if the bathroom is windowless. The brightly colored accent wall will compensate for the lack of natural light.

Focus on the Details

Swap out all of the small items such as the shower curtain, soap pump or dish, toothbrush holder bath mats, curtain rod, and toilet brush holder for new items that match your theme without overwhelming it. If your theme is based on a more subtle idea such as a color scheme, you should choose more unique pieces to add in your personality. If you’re going with something bigger like a royal theme, use these pieces as accents by choosing complimenting colors. If you have a small window in your bathroom, consider adding a small curtain from Bed, Bath & Beyond to add privacy, style, and keep out the chilly Denver winter winds.

Small Changes, Big Difference

For bigger changes like the tile of the floor or the sink, your budget can still be respected. If there is no room in your budget for new tiles, clean the grout between the tiles. While this doesn’t seem like it will be a huge change, you will be surprised at how new your tiles will look when the grout is sparkling white and they’re back to their original shine.

Your bathroom sink includes the mirror and the cabinet that is usually underneath. While getting an entirely new sink will surely be a budge buster, there are simple changes that can effect that. Firstly, swapping out a drab mirror for something that speaks to your theme, style, and personality can be a huge difference. Try a store like Home Goods, which usually has deep discounts due to the overflow from high end stores. You can also opt for a medicine cabinet mirror for a more unique option.

Most cabinets under the sink have the standard hinged doors with understated knobs. You can go to your local hardware store or design store and pick up new stylish knobs that go with your theme. Knobs are very inexpensive but are a nice, small touch. The lighting in your bathroom can also change the atmosphere. Dull lighting naturally gives a small space a closed-in feeling, as opposed to a fresh and expansive feeling. Add new brighter light bulbs and vanity lights over your sink.

The Clean Up

Renovating your bathroom is undoubtedly a task that can leave the rest of your home unorganized. Make sure your mess from your renovations are not spilling into the rest of your home. Keep the trash centralized and use heavy duty Glad ForceFlex garbage bags if you are doing small projects for easy clean up. If you are doing larger projects like swapping tiles or changing out the sink, think about considering local Denver disposal services, such as Next Day Dumpsters, to haul away larger amounts of trash.


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