Back to Work After Baby


It’s the moment you’ve been thinking about every day since the day your baby was born. For some, it’s the moment you’ve been thinking about since two pink lines crossed the pregnancy test. For others, you’ve experienced an ever-increasing amount of denial regarding the subject, and every time someone even muttered a syllable about going back to work, you cut them off. But it’s time.
You’ve already gone through the strange, wonderful, and, let’s admit, gross parts of pregnancy, and you’ve given birth to an amazing mini you. Now it’s time for reality (as if the sharp reality of being a new mom isn’t enough). Going back to work can be incredibly difficult, but keep in mind these encouraging tips as you head back to your old stomping grounds.

Find Your Routine
Between all of the diapers, late-night feedings and sore body parts, there was a certain freedom to being at home with your baby. You fed your baby when he needed to be fed, you gave him a bath when you wanted to smell the lavender bedtime lotion and you cuddled and fell into dreaming bliss at any available hour to cope with the lack of sleep in the evenings.

Now, though, your normal catch-up nap time will be replaced by phone calls, emails and the general demand of your job. Your routine that once surrounded your newborn will now encompass everything in your life and that of your co-workers. Creating a new routine for your family will help you all adjust. Build into your schedule time for snuggling, for pumping at work and time to do the things that mattered to you before you were pregnant. has several ideas on how to shape a real and fruitful routine.

Keep a Support Group
If you know any other new mothers or people who have been there every step of the way in your pregnancy, don’t let your new schedule keep you from getting together with them. They are going to be key supporters of you and your family. Set up dates and times to visit with one another after heading back to work, so you don’t lose touch. These people will keep you sane when the world seems to be falling apart. Even online forums, like those found on, will help give you the support you need.

It’s difficult to think of anything but your baby when you are away from them for the first couple months. But the last thing you need is for your boss to wonder if you are going to be able to complete that report on the deadline you’ve been given. You’ll have to learn to focus on the task at hand to be successful at both your career and your home-life. That being said, keep a picture of your new baby at your desk to help you remember just why you came back to work: to provide a life for your child that is abundant and loving.

Give It Time
The changes and transitions you and your family will experience as you head back to work will take some getting used to. Prepare yourself for the idea that not every day will run as smoothly as you may have hoped. Learn to be okay with the interruptions to your routine, and learn what you can do to keep your routine flowing as best as possible. Once you see, though, that your baby is well taken care of even when you are not able to be with him, you will have more peace of mind to get together with friends, to focus on work, to find a routine, and to learn what it means to be a mom.

Savannah Marie is a mom, writer and consultant for Vista College. She enjoys spending time with her family, reading anything she can get her hands on and learning to balance work and home life.


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