Baby on board: “Mountain Mamas” hit the trail


A unique hiking group in the Springs, called Colorado Mountain Mamas, brings together moms and their little ones.

The idea, to get moms and their babies outside, get some exercise and even provide support to one another, ” You get out, you get exercise, you are getting vitamin D, meeting other moms with kids your same age, totally a social experience,” explains mom Molly Bearndt.

A mom in Denver started the group in 2003 and a Colorado Springs branch started up last winter. The moms hike any time of the year, it’s a nice way to fight cabin fever in the winter, “One of the great things that we have here in Colorado Springs is it’s still sunny in the winter time,” says hike leader Melonie Frank.

Babies need to be able to hold their head up by themselves before they can go on a hike, and when they start walking Mountain Mamas offers toddler hikes. The baby hikes tend to be longer and the baby is in a pack. For the toddler hikes, the kids get out of the pack and get a chance to take on a shorter hike.

Moms either pay a yearly registration fee of $65 to be a part of the group, or for a little less, pay for five to ten hikes at a time. For moms that want to try it out the first hike is free, and Mountain Mamas will even provide you with a pack if you need one.

More Information on Mountain Mommas Here


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