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According to the South China Morning Post, authorities are looking for a robbery gang of three adults and a teenage girl thought to be 12 – 14 years old. The girl almost single handedly robbed an upscale jewelry store and got away with a $4 million dollar diamond necklace.

Apparently the well dressed adults came in to the store distracting clerks with what they said would be a large purchase. While they were busy, the girl managed to sneak the key from a drawer, open a case and slip a 100 karat gold necklace with 30 diamonds in to a bag and quietly walked out of the mall to a getaway taxi. The adults stayed in the store for another half hour.

Store clerks didn’t notice the missing necklace until later in the day and notified the police. Security cameras caught the girl leaving the mall.

Do you think this girl should be charged, or do you think because of her age the adults are solely responsible for this crime?

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Before baby Violet was born, her family learned there was something different about her, and that her face wouldn’t look the same as her twin Cora’s.

“It’s not ever something that you want to hear,” Alica Taylor, Oregon mother of five said to The New York Times. Violet would be born with a rare congenital defect called Tessier Cleft. This happens when the baby’s facial bones to not fully come together during development.

Violet had no cartilage in her nose, a growth on her forehead and eyes set so far a part that her vision could be compared more to a bird than a human.

When Violet was 19 months old, the family found hope through Dr. John Meara, a surgeon at Boston Children’s Hospital. He was able to practice surgery on what they call 3-D prints, which is literally a plastic model of Violet’s skull. It allows surgeons to perform “surgery” before making the first cut on the child. This process allows surgeons to fully plan and practice such a serious operation.

The 10 hour successful operation took place in October, and although Violet has many more surgeries ahead of her, the first step was a great success because of this new medical process. Hopefully it will help many, many more in the future.

image courtesy of The New York Times

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Shoulders are the next most tempting body part after knees and elbows. Thank goodness for Lone Peak High School, in Utah, making this girl cover them up. Things could have gotten a little out of control if Gabi Finlayson had not worn a coat.

Last Saturday, Gabi was headed to a school dance. When she walked in a teacher told her, and three other girls, she needed to wear a shawl or coat. Gabi was quite upset because she bought the dress in Paris while there with her mother.

The school’s dress code says this about girl’s formal attire:

“Formals, backless dresses and/or tops may not extend beyond the bottom of the shoulder blades. Girls’ dresses and tops must have a 2″ minimum strap on each shoulder. Shawls, boleros and other shrugs are acceptable if worn over the dress at all times. Cleavage covered.”

“Somehow my shoulders are sexualized,” she told TV station KUTV, “Like it’s my responsibility to make sure the boys’ thoughts are not unclean. Maybe instead of teaching girls they should cover themselves up, we should be teaching boys that we’re not just sex objects that you can look at and derive pleasure.”

Where do we draw the line? When do schools stop worrying so much about shoulders and start worrying about shaming these girls? What do you think?

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“The snow glows white on Route 95, not a tire track to be seen…We could make you come to school, but that would just be mean.” Matt Glendinning, head of Moses Brown School in Providence, Rhode Isalnd, decided along with other staff members to make their school closing announcement fun.

They planned ahead and shot the scenes before they knew school would be closed. The song has been driving us all crazy forever, but this was a great parody. Check it out for yourself.

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The Holderness family is at it again, this time making a funny YouTube video about snow days. As parents, most of us can relate! When a snow day is announced, the kids are ecstatic and we’re left scratching our heads wondering how we’re going to survive the day!

Complete with kids getting all dressed up to play in the snow for five minutes, rough housing and making a mess, movie marathons and more – this funny video is spot on in many ways!

What snow day traditions do you have in your home? We’d love to hear them!

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Parents, you may want to rethink your summer vacation after you hear this news! For the first time in forever, Disney Cruise Line announced that select cruises headed to Canada and Europe will feature Elsa, Anna, Olaf and friends, including theme days where the entire ship will transform into the winter wonderland of Arendelle! (I wonder how they’ll handle the warm pool situation?!)

Perhaps the most exciting thing about this opportunity is the on-shore excursion available to cruisers.

“Disney Magic cruisers will have the opportunity to join exciting new Port Adventures that bring this fairytale setting to life,” the Parks blog says of Summer cruises headed to Norway. “One signature adventure ashore in Alesund, Norway, created exclusively for Disney Cruise Line, will immerse guests in the splendor and charm of Norway, with the help of Anna and Elsa, in an enchanting storybook village.”

Sounds like the trip of a lifetime, and one any die hard fan would love!

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You are invited to the 5th Annual Touch-A-Truck! Your kids will LOVE this fun, family-oriented, hands-on event at Freedom Financial Services Expo Center this weekend. Details and chances to win a family-pack of tickets below.

WHAT: Touch-A-Truck

COST: Ticket prices are $20 for a family of 5; Individual tickets are $5
Purchase advance tickets on our website

SPECIAL NIGHT: Sensory Friendly Night ONLY – Friday, January 30th from 5pm – 7pm (Attendees will still have to purchase tickets, but we will provide a quieter, sensory friendly environment with Shandy Clinic therapists on site)

WHEN: General Public Hours: Saturday, January 31st from 9 a.m. – 4 p.m. and Sunday, February 1st from 10 a.m. – 3 p.m.

DETAILS: There will be a family fun zone available, balloons, face painting, and truck rally!
100% of the funds raised will help the JLCS further their mission and support community programs. Find out more about the Junior League programs here.


3 ways to win!

  1. Join our playdates group page. One of our lucky playdate group members will win a family pass. Click here to request an invitation to the Facebook playdate group page.
  2. “Like,” “comment,” and “share” the pinned post on our Facebook page! Click here to find our Facebook page.
  3. Click here to fill out an entry form.

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I’m pretty sure germs have never been so cute! Clorox created a video about kids talking about germs, and it’s pretty darn adorable to hear their take on the little nasties.

One kid thinks they have hair, one says they have disco parties, and some say they live in subways and corners.

This is a great video to watch with your child to help remind them to wash up and stay clean! Watch for youself too, it will put a smile on your face!

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4-year-old Calise Manning had been trained to know what to do in an emergency since she was 2. Her mom Centerria Manning has epilepsy and it was important her young daughter know what to do if she had a seizure. They just never thought it would happen so soon.

At 9 months pregnant, Centerria had an epileptic seizure while home alone with Calise. The 4-year-old quickly called 911 and spent 7 minutes on the line with the dispatcher telling her her name, her moms name, their address and what was happening. “She’s shaking and she’s having a baby,” Calise said. “My mom is really pregnant, and she’s having a boy, and she really needs help.”

Once help arrived, Centerria was taken to the hospital where she gave birth to her baby boy that she named TJ Manning.

The dispatcher thinks the young girl deserves an award for keeping calm and collected during such a scary ordeal. We agree! Nicely done, Calise!

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Eleven years ago Minnesota dad, Brad Knudson and his wife adopted their African American daughter. He recently did what any loving father would do when she was bullied via social media, he confronted the bullies.

His teenage daughter was hanging out on New Years Eve with a friend at their home, when she began receiving “snapchats” from twins that attended the same high school as her. Hardly knowing her, they called her racial slurs and degrading names. After the fourth snapchat, she alerted her father who began video taping live as it was happening.

After many failed attempts to reach the bullies by phone or by stopping by their home, he contacted the police. The police brought in the bullies and the parents to the school where they tried to sort things out. Unfortunately, the bullies father turned out to be just as racist. He showed no remorse, and in fact, taunted Brad Knudson via phone messages. Apparently the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree!

Knudson decided to take the incident to social media and made this YouTube video shedding light on the story. The video below shows the entire conversation, but warning: the language is explicit. It’s Knudson’s comment at the end that every parent needs to hear. He says, “I just had to get this off my chest; I just don’t know what to do, other than say I love my daughter and I don’t want her committing suicide because of this.”

Watch the YouTube video below to see how the story unfolds. It’s hard to believe we live in a world where this even happens anymore. What are your thoughts?