Are You a Green Thumb?


Has the warmer weather got you into a spring time mood? Are you thinking about your yard, flowers or garden you want to plant this summer? What about taking a few dollars off your grocery bill and growing your own herbs and peppers? Poketo, an on-line store, is offering a Foodie Garden Kit to help you go from a skin colored thumb to a green thumb in no time. The Foodie growing kit lets you grow your own herbs and vegetables easily at home, making it much more effortless to cook, eat healthy, and help with the grocery bill. A stylish rectangular tin planter comes nicely packaged with a kraft board wrap brightened up by funky drawings. The kits come complete with coco fiber wafers, seeds and instructions. Once planted, all the plants can be transplanted to patio containers or the garden to fully mature.

Check out the three different kits available; Peppers, Basil, and Tomatoes.

This would be an awesome gift idea that keeps on giving the entire summer. This product was highlighted on


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