Americans Are Lazy


“Roughly 83 million Americans age 6 and over, or about 28% of the population, reported that they did not once participate in any of 104 specific physical activities in the last calendar year, according to annual survey results by the Physical Activity Council.” They did not ONCE participate in at least one of the 104 specific physical activities in an entire year! 83 million people are incredibly lazy.

I’m not super active, I don’t do the Incline regularly, I don’t do CrossFit, I haven’t ran a 5K in months. However, I have done at least a few of the 104 specific physical activities on the survey.  Here are a few, just a few that were on the list:

Hiking (Day)
Elliptical Motion Trainer
Sledding/Saucer Riding/Snow Tubing
Walking for Fitness

Are you seriously telling me that 83 million Americans, over the age of six-years-old, did not do any of these physical activities last year? That is shocking! How are we so lazy? When did we stop doing anything of physical value?

Are you one of the 83 million people living a sedentary life or are you getting up and moving?