A Modesty Debate: Is Girl’s Clothing Too Tiny?


Oh, how I love Target. I have been a hardcore fan for as long as I can remember, and I shop there on a regular basis. Basically, I live for the red tag, and I know I am not alone! Target is a guilty little pleasure for many moms. One mom inparticular is a huge fan…except when it comes to one thing.

Recently, mommy blogger Stephanie Giese of Binkiesandbriefcases.com published an open letter to Target that has ruffled some feathers and has gained lots of attention – mainly because many moms agree with her. The problem? She loves shopping at Target, but she is tired of the clothing designs being too short or too tight for her young girls. Can you relate?

Now I realize this is not only a Target issue. Ever since my girls were very young, it has been hard to find shorts, skirts and dresses that are a decent length. You can find them, but they are few and far between. I often had to buy one or two sizes up to get the desired length I was looking for. In my opinion, a one inch inseam on a pair of shorts made for a 4 year old is just silly. They play, and move and do somersaults. How do you sit “criss cross applesauce” in something like that AND most of these shorts/skirts aren’t even allowed at school because they don’t follow the dress code!

Since Stephanie is such a loyal customer of Target, she called them out hoping that it would motivate them to action and bring attention to this issue. She posted pictures of examples. In one, her 2 year old daughter (of average weight) is wearing 5T Cherokee brand shorts from Target, and they look to be a decent length and the right size – but they are 3 sizes larger than what she should be wearing. She then compares the 5T shorts to a 2T Fisher Price pair of shorts, and guess which ones are longer? The 2T pair! Some may say it is just the fit of the shorts because they come in various lengths and styles – but she claims that she continues to see this issue over and over again. Not only that, but why are boys shorts so much longer, and girls are always stuck with daisy duke styles??


Her 2 year old daughter wearing size 5T shorts


2T Floral Fisher Price shorts vs. 5T Denim Target shorts


Both shorts above are Cherokee brand 4T. The longer ones are boy shorts and the shorter ones are girls. Is this a problem?

Target has responded to her letter, and after reading all of the comments on her blog they are now working with her and other moms to bring more of the styles that moms crave for their daughters.

What are your thoughts? Does modesty matter to you when choosing styles for your daughter? Do you think there is a gap that needs to be filled? Let’s talk about it!


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