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Hello moms!!! Well we’re into 2014, the holidays are over and the sweets can be all thrown away. I don’t know about you but after the holidays I am ready to eat healthy again. My body feels yucky since I have been taking in large amounts of sugar and fat and who knows what else. This time of year I actually want to eat healthy just because it makes me feel better.

A few years ago I started a workout program, and in the program they suggested that you “eat clean”. I was curious what this “eat clean” was all about so I started doing a little research reading a few books and articles and decided that this was the lifestyle I wanted. I had grown up eating good balanced meals and in my mind “clean eating” is really taking those basic principles of good healthy foods that are not processed and cooking them in a healthy fashion so that you can provide good healthy meals. What I loved about this diet (or lifestyle) was that I can use it with my entire family this is not something where I have to make a meal for myself and another meal for the rest of my family and at the same time I am giving my children the gift of health and of knowledge. This is something your kids will take with them forever so they can continue even after they are out of our houses to “eat clean”.

After I had my babies my tummy was never the same again both physically and internally. I struggled with stomach aches, nausea and most of the time when I laid down at night my husband was serenaded by the grumblings of my belly. I don’t know what childbirth had to do with my stomach going crazy but it seemed like following my three pregnancies it just got worse and worse. I decided to try “eating clean” for 10 days and see how I felt and if it affected my crazy stomach. Also at the time weight-loss was very important as well. After only 10 days I could not believe the difference, not only did I feel fine but my stomach rumbling at night and my nausea had gone away and also I had managed to lose a few pounds with just eating clean. So from that point on I have tried, for the most part, to eat clean, of course I have a few cheap meals here and there.

However, this year I’m taking it to the next level, not only am I going to continue to eat clean when I can, but I want to strive to make the majority of dinner meals for my family clean as well. You all can follow my journey in this, because, as we all know, kids (and even more so husbands) can get awfully picky when it comes to meals. My kids have had many clean meals in the last year or two, however, like I said, I want it to become a complete lifestyle switch for them as well.

In the next couple blogs I will explain to you further what.

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