7 Best Preschool Apps For Kids


If you’ve ever handed over your phone or tablet to your preschooler to keep them preoccupied while you’re busy, you’re not alone! Screen time can sometimes get a bad reputation when it comes to kids, but when allowed in moderation and coupled with educational apps, it can be a beneficial learning tool for your child! We’ve scoured the internet and talked to moms about favorite preschool apps and came up with this great list.  Try them out with your child, see which ones they love and be rest assured that in this technological era they can learn important skills and still have fun while doing it!




Drawnimal by Yatatoy (ages 3+)

This is a super cute app that blends real life drawing with screen interaction.  Kids learn to draw animals and shapes while also learning their ABC’s!

Toca Band (ages 3+)

There are no rules to this music app, so kids can explore and experiment freely with sounds, melodies, rhythm and more! It’s bright colors and fun characters make it whimsical and engaging for youngsters.

Tiny Builders — Digger, Crane and Dumper for Kids (ages 3+)

If your child is obsessed with building, trucks and construction, they will love this fun app that allows them to create and build with an assortment of construction vehicles and sites.

My PlayHome (ages 3+)

This is basically an interactive dollhouse where kids can do realistic things like open and close cupboards, cook in the kitchen, blow bubbles in the backyard, take care of family pets and tons more! They can create their own family and enjoy different scenarios of play in every room of the house.

Sharing With Duckie Deck (ages 2+)

This is a sharing game that teaches children how to divide up different items fairly.  The characters react accordingly, so if the items aren’t shared fairly they will be sad or mad like real children.

Peppy Pals — Fun EQ for Kids (ages 2+)

This game nurtures children’s social and emotional intelligence without text or print.  It allows them to interact with 5 quirky farm animals while teaching them to be kind and to learn empathy.

Metamorphabet (ages 3+)

Young children can interact with each of the 26 letters of the alphabet by poking, dragging and touching each letter to reveal fun transformations!





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