6 Important Safety Tips for Live Christmas Trees


The tradition of cutting down or purchasing a live Christmas tree each holiday season is still very popular among Americans. Some of us can’t resist the natural pine smell, and the nostalgia associated with a natural tree! However, having a live tree in your home can also be a fire hazard. It only takes 7 seconds for a dry Christmas tree to burn enough to light your home on fire. Dry conditions, electric lights, and even pets can all be factors to consider.

Here are some tips from local general contracting company Jayne of All Trades to help keep your family safe this Holiday Season:

1. When purchasing a natural tree, cut 1/2″ off the trunk so that the tree can soak up the water.
2.Keep a constant supply of water in the stand. Natural trees can “drink” a lot of water, especially when first set up.
3.Keep any heat sources away from the tree including candles, heaters, scented warmers
4.Use only UL listed light strings if you do decorate the tree with lights, and unplug lights each evening before bed and also when away from home.
5.Keep rolled extension cords away from the tree.
6.Put animals in kennels or in another room when away from the home. 

Jayne of All Trades is a fast moving general contracting company owned and operated by a local mom of two. Whether you’re in the market for a new kitchen, bathroom, roof, deck or more, Jayne of All Trades is dedicated and driven to get the job done right! Call today for an estimate 719-428-9321


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