5 Ways to Celebrate Dr. Seuss’ Birthday

  1. READ with your kids! – the best way to celebrate is to spend some EXTRA time reading with your kids today!
  2. Make Green Eggs and Ham – first read Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Seuss and then with a little bit of green dye your eggs and ham meal a whole new adventure! Thicker, drier ham slices tend to work best for this activity. Color the egg whites. Add a few drops of green food coloring to the egg whites. Stir the whites and add food coloring until you reach the desired color, then add the yolks back into the mixture.
  3. Make Cat in the Hat hats.
    Materials needed:
    12″ by 18″ piece of white construction paper (one per student)
    12″ by 3″ pieces of red construction paper (4 per student)
    3″ by 18″ piece of white construction paper (one per student)
    Pocket chart strips (one per student)
    Step one: Place the 12″ by 18″ piece of white construction vertically on the desk.
    Step two: Glue each piece of red construction paper horizontally to the white construction paper 2 inches apart from each other.
    Step three: Glue the 3″ by 18″ piece of white construction paper to the bottom of the other piece of white construction paper to make the brim.
    Step four: Staple vertically to the pocket chart strips and fit it around the student’s head. Staple the ends so it fits the student’s head.
  4. One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish easy craft
  5. Fun Dr. Seuss-ish drinks – the drink with the highest sugar content stays on the bottom…use red fruit punch on the bottom, blue Gatorade in the middle and tonic or water on top.

How are you going to be celebrating Dr. Seuss’s Birthday?


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