5 Tips For a Successful Spring Break “Staycation”


Chances are, there are New Yorkers who have never been to the statue of Liberty, and Californians who rarely make it to the beach or Disneyland.  Often we get so caught up in our routines, we never realize how many amazing things there are to see and do in our own backyard.  Colorado is full of adventure!  People from all over all the world come here to experience the beauty of the mountains, so if you want to have a fun Spring Break with the kids you may not have to go very far.  Here are some tips to have a family friendly Colorado staycation.

1. Come up with a game plan, and let the kids help.  Have a family planning meeting, complete with a calendar.  Block off the dates together that you plan on “vacationing”.  This gives your children a sense of something to look forward to, even if their friends are off to Disney World.  Next, brainstorm places and things they would like to try or visit.  Fill in the calendar with specific activities you plan to do on specific dates.  This helps when Spring Break creeps up on you and no one can decide what to do, so you end up at the mall, park, or playing video games!  Having a concrete plan helps to ensure things will get done!
2. Get in to “vacation mode.” If you were away on a real vacation, you wouldn’t be doing dishes, worrying about bills, appointments or grocery shopping. Prepare your home like you would if you were going away.  Give it a good cleaning and get organized.  Plan on eating out that week, after all, that’s what you do on vacation!  Give yourself a break from reality, even if you are at home.  While we usually choose staycations because they are convenient and affordable, you still want to splurge a little and make those days feel special.
3. Explore your surroundings.  Sometimes all it takes to see your area in a new light is to change up your transportation!  Rent some bikes and bike through Manitou Springs and Old Colorado City.  Take the bus downtown and check out all the restaurants and shops you’ve always wanted to see. Stay at a local hotel or Bed and Breakfast for a night. Act like tourists, and you may be surprised what you discover!  Spend a day in Denver walking 16th street mall, visit museums and hike some trails you have heard of but never tried.  Spring Break is a great time to discover many hidden gems of our area.
4. Cash in on deals.  Save all those coupons for local attractions from magazines and newspapers.  Search the internet for free days at local zoos and museums and plan your days around the discounts!  There are many websites like Groupon and Living Social that offer local deals.  Take advantage of them!  Look for coupons for local restaurants and use them to stay away from doing dishes!
5. Let go.  Even with planning comes unexpected chaos when you have kids.  Go with the flow.  Don’t stress about the little things!  Relax, have fun, and make memories with your family,


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