4 Ways to Beat the Summer Blues


Most of us are aware of the phrase “the Winter Blues”, but the Summer Blues can be just as real for some moms, and it’s important to not only recognize this potential slump, but to actively find ways to beat it! Sometimes we have grand and lofty expectations of what Summer should be with our family. We envision schedules and day trips, an organized home and backyard BBQs with friends…but sometimes life happens, and we can feel overwhelmed. We can feel like we’ve let down our family, and ourselves. Unexpected trials and challenges often pop up, and those visions we had quickly fade away and we can be left feeling down. For some moms it can become a very real struggle, but there are ways to overcome these feelings when we recognize them. Melody Jensen recently shared four ways that we can beat the Summer blues with Good Things Utah, and they are very helpful tips!



1. Flip on the gratitude switch

Think of it as turning on a light switch. Suddenly things that weren’t visible in the dark, become visible again. Sometimes we need to actively be aware of the blessings we do have when things aren’t going as planned. Simple things like being able to feed your children, or drive a car instead of public transportation. Having electricity and a roof over our heads! We often take these conveniences for granted, but many people don’t have them and taking stock of the things that are right in our world, can often help us feel more uplifted.

2. Get your health checked

Sometimes moms just feel “off”. You may not be functioning very well, or you’re just more tired than usual and not feeling yourself. It’s important to get checked out by your doctor when you’re feeling this way. You could have a vitamin deficiency you’re not aware of, or a hormone imbalance, or your thyroid can be off.  These issues can absolutely cause us to feel down and depressed. We often think of our children and family before taking care of ourselves, but we have to feel our best in order to give our families our best! So make sure your health is in check.

3. One a day!

We all know about one a day vitamins, but there is another thing we should be adding to our lives once a day, especially when we are feeling down and depressed. When the blues hit us, we are often caught in a cycle of dwelling on our own problems and we can become consumed with ourselves and our situation. Actively commit to do something kind for someone else once a day.  This can be as simple as a genuine compliment, or leaving a small gift/note on a friend’s porch.  When we focus on other’s more instead of ourselves, our own burdens become lighter.

4. Express Yourself

Melody shares that she recently had a friend who was struggling and tragically committed suicide. She not only her took her own life, but she took her children’s as well. It’s so very important not to bottle up our feelings and struggle in silence. If you are depressed, overwhelmed, and in a very dark place, share those feelings with your loved ones, your friends, or your doctor. You don’t have to struggle alone. There is help. There is hope.

Melody Jensen is also the host of Momscast, which is a great podcast for moms intended to build a sense of community and lift us up! Moms from all over the world share their stories of trials and triumphs and the every day adventures of being a mom. Be sure to check it out! You can visit her Facebook page for more info.

Watch her interview with Good Things Utah for more helpful insights on how to beat the Summer Blues!




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