3-Week-Old Baby Dies After Being Mauled By Family Dog


It’s the unthinkable, and it recently happened to a family in England.  A beloved family pet turns on your newborn baby while not supervised.  Approximately 37-47% of families in the US own dogs, and most of us that have dogs can attest they are loyal and loving.  However, they are animals and at any given moment those instincts can surface.

While UK parents Maria Blacklin and Ryan Young attended a funeral in honor of her grandmother, they had left their 3-week-old son in the care of an unnamed 30-year-old male family member. Upon returning later that evening they discovered their baby son had been attacked by the family dog, a Patterdale Terrier.  They immediately called paramedics, and the newborn was rushed to the hospital. Despite their best efforts they were unable to save the baby from his injuries.

The man who was babysitting the child was immediately arrested due to “concerns for the care of the baby at the time of the incident.” He has now been released on bail. The dog was seized and been removed from the home.  The animal will likely be put to sleep.

“This is a complete tragedy,” neighbor Paul Tweddle told Daily Mail. “They are such a lovely family. It should be such a happy time with a new baby. It’s a tiny dog.”

Maria’s grandfather, Richard, told the Daily Mail: “Maria is in a state of shock. The baby was only 3 weeks old. My wife died on Friday [the day before] from cancer. It’s been terrible.”

The dog was never seen as aggressive by anyone. It’s a tragic story that reminds us all to never leave a small child alone with any dog, even for a few minutes.



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