21 Things Moms Say Every Summer


Every year when Summer break comes around, I find myself saying the same things over and over again to my kids… or to the kitchen wall (which I honestly believe is a better listener most days!) And sometimes I catch myself saying things I never imagined.  For example, “who left bacon on the toilet seat”? Either way, the things moms say are pretty funny, and chances are we can all relate to one another, especially during Summer break!  Does the list below ring a bell?


1. Why is this wet?

2. Who keeps leaving the back door open?

3. You JUST ate!!

4. Why are your shoes ALWAYS in the kitchen?

5. What’s that smell?

6. You need a nap! (wait, I say that one to myself)

7. When’s the last time you brushed your teeth?

8. You definitely need a bath tonight!

9. Where are all the cups?!

10. Who left the milk out?

11. Didn’t I just buy milk yesterday?

12. Where are all the clean towels?

13. Screen time is over.  (repeat three times)

14. Stop terrorizing the dog

15. Use your indoor voice

16. please remember to flush the toilet!

17. put your shoes on if you’re going outside!

18. Turn off the hose, you’re wasting water!

19. Where’s the sunscreen?

20. No, you can’t bring your bug collection into the house

21. No, we can’t adopt that stray cat

How about you?  I would love to hear the repeat phrases that other moms say during the summer!





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