20-Year-Old Lunchbox Note Goes Viral


Amid the busyness of life, sometimes as parents we need to remember that all kids need to know is that they are loved.  This story is a good reminder that the small things we do as parents is what our kids remember as they grow up.

One father left a note in his daughter’s lunchbox 20 years ago and it has become a Reddit sensation this past week:




“Dear Katie,” the note reads, “Guess how to spell the name of the sandwich I put in your lunchbox today:

–Below Knee

Then guess how much I love you.


Have a great day. Love, Dad.”

31-year-old Katie Rogal has had this note from her father, Jim Rogal, taped to her fridge for over a decade. He tucked it into her lunchbox before school when she was about 8-years-old. He admitted to Yahoo Parenting that he’s “very sentimental” and saved it for her.

There’s nothing fancy or elaborate about the note, just a testament of a parent’s love for their child.  Chances are, your own children have little cards, notes, photos, and gifts from you scattered around their bedrooms too.  Don’t forget that those simple gestures make memories, and will be much appreciated as they grow older!


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