15-Year-Old CEO Runs Babysitter Service During Study Hall


Most of us have probably been paid to babysit, but very few of us have actually taken it to the level of a hundreds of thousands dollars business.  Noa Mintz, who is 15-years-old, founded Nannies by Noa.  The business grew so much that she had to hire a CEO to help take it to the “next level.” 

She realized that when her mom hired sitters, they weren’t really doing a whole lot with her and her four siblings.  “For what you’re paying, your kids should be more stimulated,” she told the New York Post. “At 7, I would tell my mum, ‘You need to get more bang for your buck.’ It would drive me insane!”

Her business has over 190 clients in three states. She provides nannies and baby sitters.  She is partnering with a tutoring and test-prep service.



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