13-Year-Old Smashes Car Because Mom Did This


A 13-year-old spat on his mom, hit his stepfather with a bottle of Gatorade, and smashed out the windshield of the family car.  Why would any teen do that? Was he being abused – NO! Did he feel threatened – NO!





His mother took away his cellphone because he would not clean his bedroom.  She said he was acting out and she decided to punish him. Did you get that? His mother, who was probably paying for the cellphone, took it away from him, a 13-year-old. he did all of that because she took away his cell phone!

She said he jumped on the roof of her car and smashed out the windshield.  He then ran away from home, saying he would never come back.  He eventually returned and his mother called police.  He was taken to the local juvenile justice center.

This is one of those stories that makes you shake your head and wonder what the deal is with this kid? Obviously, there aren’t many details and we don’t have a complete back story. However, any 13-year-old that can do this to his mom and stepdad is definitely in need of help. We hope he gets the support he needs.


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