12 New Year’s Eve Activities For Kids


New Year’s Eve can be fun for the whole family, but if you’re celebrating with kids the party only lasts as long as they are happy!  Keeping them entertained ensures a good time for mom, dad and friends too. Check out some of these fun activities and games that will help keep the little ones busy!




1. New Year’s Paper Chains

Choose festive paper and have the kids cut them into strips.  The children can use glue sticks, glue dots, or ask an adult for help to staple the strips together to make a paper countdown chain.  Put a ribbon and noise maker or treat at the top of the paper chain.  Have the kids remove one circle link for each 1/2 hr. or hour until the New Year (or bedtime) arrives!



2. Photo Booth Props

This is easy and so much fun!  Get the kids involved in making photo booth “props”; these could include but certainly aren’t limited to various moustaches, glasses, hats, signs, etc! Drape a backdrop against a wall using a sheet, blanket or paint one on butcher paper.  The kids will have a blast dressing up and taking pictures!  The adults will probably want to get in the fun too!




3. Party hats and crowns

It’s not New Year’s Eve without party hats to feel festive!  Kids will love making them and wearing them! There are lots of fun and creative ideas to inspire you over at happinessishomemade.net – check it out!




4. Time Capsules

I love the idea of having kids write down all their favorite things about the past year and hiding it away, and then opening it up again in one year’s time.  This is a fun activity for everyone!  Cometogetherkids.com has a great printable and ideas for this project.

time capsule 8



5. Noise makers

Of course, you can always just go for the pots and pans at midnight, but making your own noisemakers is more fun!  The kids will love assembling them and taking pride in how much noise they can make when the clock strikes midnight!




6. New Year’s Tree

Don’t take down the Christmas tree just yet!! Put the Christmas ornaments away, but replace them with some fun New Year’s themed decorations!  Add balloons, streamers, mardi gras beads and give it a festive feel to ring in the New Year.  The kids will love it, and your guests will too!




7. Minute To Win It Games!

These games are so much fun and will keep the family busy for a while! You can find 8 ideas in this post from The Chaos and the Clutter.




8. Mocktails

The kids don’t have to miss out on having their own fancy drinks!  Click HERE for some great recipes for non-alcoholic “mocktails” the kids can make to make New Year’s Eve even more special!




9. Balloon Pop Countdown

This is such a fun activity to keep the kids occupied until midnight (or your chosen bedtime) on New Year’s Eve!  Arrange balloons in a line marked with a time, and every hour on the hour the kids get to pop a balloon and see what activity is inside for them to do! You can also fill each balloon with small treats and/or toys to make it extra exciting!




10. Sparkler Firework Craft

These are fun to make as decorations and for the kids to celebrate with! You can learn how to make them here.




11. Make Party Popcorn!

Yum!  This looks so delicious and fun!  Gather the kids and have them help throw in all the ingredients!  You can get the recipe HERE.




12. DIY Balloon Drop

Imagine how much fun it will be when the clock strikes midnight and a hundred balloons fall from the ceiling!  Kids and guests will love it and it’s the perfect final touch to a fun New Year’s Eve celebration!  Find out how to do it here.




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