10 Tips to Make Your Bras Last Longer


I don’t know about you, but I am extremely picky about my bras. They have to fit well for comfort, and I need good support, so the design is important as well. Unfortunately good bras are pretty expensive, so the few I do have need to last as long possible! Bra care is not something many of us have been schooled on, and I am ashamed to admit I typically just throw them in with any other laundry that needs to be done and call it good! However, after some research I learned I am sending them to an early demise by doing so… Here are 10 tips to keep your bras around as long as possible:



Don’t wear the same bra 2 days in a row

Bras are made from delicate materials, and wearing the some one for 2 days in a row can stretch and break down the material, especially from sweat. If you have a couple favorite bras you wear all the time, it might be good to invest in a couple more of the same brand and style. Wash them at least a couple times a week to extend their life.


Store them correctly

Most of us just throw our bras in our underwear drawer and call it good. To keep the cups shape, you actually shouldn’t fold them at all. In bra stores they lay them flat and unfolded for a reason. You might want to make some extra space in your drawer to do the same. It will help keep them looking their best, and in return keep you looking your best!


Hand wash your bras whenever possible

It sounds tedious, but it really doesn’t take much longer to hand wash your bras, and it will make a huge difference in how long they last. Just fill up your sink with warm soapy water, soak your bras for about an hour, rinse them with cool water, and then hang them up to dry. Your budget will thank you!


Fasten the clasps together at the back before washing

This will prevent the straps from coiling around each other, getting tangled up in the washer or dryer, and also help keep underwires from bending.


Use a gentle detergent

Since bras are delicate, you should be using a delicate soap for them. Baby soap is a good alternative to regular detergent or you can buy lingerie detergent.


Use the proper water temperature

If your hand washing, use warm water and rinse with cool. If you’re washing them in the washing machine use cool water…even warm water can get too hot and can warp the shape.


Use a lingerie bag

If you must use a washing machine, at least purchase a lingerie bag. This will keep your delicates separate from other items in the load, and prevent bras from snagging and getting twisted with other laundry.


Select the “gentle” cycle

Always use the gentle cycle if you’re going to use the washing machine, and never mix bras with heavy items like towels, jeans or heavy sweaters, etc. They should always be washed with other delicates.


Hang bras to dry

Bras should always be hung up to air dry, and should never be put in the dryer! This will damage the bra and break it down, especially if they are made with Lycra or spandex (which almost all are).


If you travel often, buy a travel bag

If you travel regularly, consider purchasing a small travel bag for your delicates. This will keep them in tact and prevent them from being squished with other items, especially if your suitcase is on the smaller side.


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