10 Things Moms Say Every Morning


Moms have a universal language of sorts, and if you’re a mom of school aged children, chances are you and I say the exact same things every morning!  It’s a constant mad rush from the time our children wake up until they head out the door for school.  Most of our time is spent reminding them to complete certain tasks and putting out fires to make sure the morning runs a little more smoothly!  We’d love to hear what common morning phrases you would add to the list below!




1. “It’s time to get up!”

This typically happens after the alarm has already gone off twice, and is probably the most dreaded phrase of the morning because we’re almost always forced to deal with tiny children zombies once they do wake up…

2. “If you don’t get up right now, you’re going to be late!”

The “threat”.  Like they care that they’re going to be late!  Sigh…

3.  “Are you sure that’s clean?”

Leaving your child to their own devices can be risky business.  I usually sniff my kids at least twice before they leave for the day! (Especially if you have pets. *eye roll*)

4.  “You have to have something for breakfast!” 20 minutes later…”did you eat your breakfast?!”

Anyone else struggle with this?  Every other time during the day my kids beg for food, but for some reason getting them to eat any form of breakfast is like I’m torturing them!!

5. “Where’s your other shoe??”

I will never understand why kids can’t take their shoes off in the SAME ROOM when they get home!  How does one end up by the front door and the other in the bathroom??

6. “Why are there always so many things to sign for school?!”

The bane of mommy existence is signing Friday folders, homework folders, reading folders, and 10 other seemingly meaningless forms every day! I am seriously considering investing in a stamp of my signature…

7.  “Did you brush your teeth?”

Because typically they won’t unless reminded…

8. “Hurry up, you’re going to be late!”

Being on time with three children is a small miracle, and typically not achieved unless you play drill sergeant!

9. “BE GOOD!”

Also something they needed to be reminded of….

10.  “Give me a hug, I love you”

Because we do love them.  So very much.  And despite all the craziness every single day, we do it all over again the next day because being a mom is the greatest thing.  Ever.


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